ACS Pay As You Go Debt Collection Package

This package is highly recommended for a single debt collection matter that requires collection.

If you have a customer that has an overdue account. They have promised you payment time and time again and you havent received payment. We would advise you to stop calling them and use this package immediately. Using a Debt Collection Agency makes all the difference because we know how to get paid.

Its Simple, Fast and Effective!

This is the first stage of debt collection.

Once you have made the decision and would like to move forward. Please complete our Request for Collection form below. Our team will contact your debtor for payment. An official letter of demand will be sent to your customer and we will report back to you with an outcome within 48 hours. We achieve a success rate of over 72% across all industries.

Our fees:

$180.00 +gst – for a single collection

Commission will be charged on successful collections at approx 30% +gst for single collection.

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