Legal Action for Debt Recovery

In some circumstances commencement of legal action may be an option to recover your outstanding accounts throughout the debt recovery process. Legal action is a legal demand of money and our collectors will guide, advise and issue each step to ensure you get the best recovery.

ACS Debt Collection employs a panel of solicitors who will act on your behalf. Our promise to you is to keep you updated and discuss your files on an individual basis. More importantly, you will authorise each action with our operators.


Case Study

Our client was owed $3,500.00 for goods sold and delivered. This account was over 90 days old. The client made several requests for payment from the debtor however the debtor refused to pay due to his financial concerns.

Our client passed the account to ACS, contact was made with the debtor and we established a monthly repayment arrangement to pay the debt by $500.00 per month. Unfortunately the debtor defaulted after the payment and never resumed his arrangements.

The account was discussed with our client and agreed for a Statement of Liquidated Claim (Summons) to be issued. The short of the story is, the debtor repaid the debt back to our client in monthly instalments of $500.00 and in addition, paid our client the professional costs, filing fees and interest accrued.