DIY Debt Collection Kit

Simple + Easy to Use … and no further costs involved

DYI - Debt Collection Kit

DIY Debt Collection Kit is an ideal tool for collecting an outstanding account.

This Kit is ideal for a small business/sole entrepreneur or an individual. It’s a great way to collect an outstanding account without using a debt collection agency and paying fees. However the best part, you do it yourself. The Kit provides you with step-by-step instructions on the process of collecting your account.

We provide clear, simple instructions on how to use the Kit.

Sometimes debt collection agencies prefer not to take on the smaller accounts due to the costs involved in collecting a small account. Unfortunately, there is a gap in the industry where one-off debts need to be collected. This is why we created our DIY Kit. It’s specialises in collecting one (1) account. The best part, it can be for any amount of money outstanding you would like to collect.

You will be AMAZED at the Results it will bring you and it’s better than writing the debt off right? Or costing you more money than what the debt is for.

Here’s what you will receive in our DIY Do It Yourself Kit

  1. Step by Step instructions on how to collect your outstanding account.
  2. A ‘draft’ of a Letter of Demand to use for any overdue accounts.
  3. (1) Official Final Demand Letter  (valued at $25.00 each)
  4. Debt Collection Tips to use straight away!

How do you order? Send an email with your contact and address details to;  and expect to hear from us within 24 hours OR

CALL US TODAY  on 02 9790 6877 to Order the Kit.


Your investment: $97.00 + gst – including postage and this will be mailed to you within 24 hours.

Read what our clients say about us and our services here. You will wonder why you never did this before