Book Contributions

Books Sonia Pellegrini (Ferlauto) has contributed to.


Kickstart Marketing

This author writes about how ACS uses simple practical strategies in making a difference to their industry.

350 Ways to Grow Your Business

This author writes about how ACS uses winning awards to effectively have a marketing advantage.



Accounting Building Business Skills,
1 & 2nd Edition

An article written by the director of ACS Sonia Pellegrini (Ferlauto) on ‘How we can’t always anticipate a bad debt however we can prevent it’. By using a few guidelines, one having the correct entity of your customer is a must for every business.

How to Grow Your Business

This author writes on using one of his suggestion made a difference to ACS’s growth. Highlighting the ‘all female team’ the media that follows ACS and new clients achieved has been highly successful.



  Heels in Motion

The authors have dedicated this book for Women Entrepreneurs. Women sharing their thoughts on their business success, managed work/life balance and the legacy they hoped to leave behind as businesswomen.

  Plumbing Connection

This quarterly publication is a valuable source of information to the industry. Sonia’s article provides the readers tips on debt collection and some recommendations for prevention of bad debts.