We can smell an Unpaid Debtor in 4 Seconds!

We can smell your debtors


You bet we can smell an Unpaid Debtor in 4 seconds!

It’s great to celebrate your sales wins however asking for your money is just as important.

How do you feel when you have done the work or provided the service and then…  Your customer hasn’t paid you!! OMG how FRUSTRATED do you feel?

I know for me, it makes me furious!!

As a business owner I feel your pain. How many calls do you make asking for your money? How many broken and empty promises do you receive?

Fun Fact… If you aren’t consistent in collecting your accounts you wont be get paid.

I’m here to help you and share some of my insights that will assist you with understanding your debtors.

I know it can be time time consuming to chase up customers who haven’t paid you but you have to be consistent to achieve great results. Or do you feel bad in asking for your money from your customers? We are not all born to be debt collectors!

I know from my own experience as a business owner the highs and lows of collecting outstanding accounts. Let me share some information that I know you will find interesting and useful.

Two (2) types of debtors

1. The Intentional Debtor and,
2. The Unintentional Debtor.

There are very clear characteristics that set these debtors apart, let me explain.

1. The Intentional Debtor takes up approx 60% of our files. These guys have a definite plan on how they intend to escape debt. We can identify them by being malicious, rude and they have every excuse as to why they cant pay the account. They love talking down to us and will promise the world! Interesting fact is, a small percentage of this group who are highly educated, are the worse offenders!!

2. The Unintentional Debtor
Well these guys have had to jump some hurdles in their life as they like to share a story or two with us. Their main set backs have been financial hardship, health issues or marriage break ups just to name a few. However these guys are the ones that will stick to their payment arrangements to the last cent. Some of these debtors will even call our office to advise they’re running late with their payments. Some will even call us to say thanks for being ‘understanding’ after the debt has been paid in full.

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In Conclusion Our team can almost smell these debtors in the first four seconds of the telephone conversation. We can tell if they have good intentions in paying you or not. In fact, using our female touch certainly helps in more ways than one. It’s very easy to become emotionally involved when collecting your overdue accounts. Majority of our clients just like having the piece of mind knowing that we are taking care of everything from start to finish. We keep it simple and you will wonder why you never used a debt collection agency before.

We get paid even in good times or bad. Call Us