We can smell an Unpaid Debtor in 4 Seconds!

We can smell an unpaid debtor in 4 Seconds


we can smell an Unpaid Debtor in 4 seconds!

One thing we know is we can smell an unpaid debtor in 4 seconds. Our 30 years plus debt collection experience gives us this talent.

How FRUSTRATING is it when you have done the work or provided the services and realise your customer hasn’t paid you!!

Also, think about many calls you have made to your customer asking for your money? In addition, to the broken and/or empty promises made?

Debt Collection is time-consuming.  One lesson in debt collection is, you need to be consistent to achieve great results!

Fun Fact: 

If you aren’t consistent in collecting your accounts you won’t be getting paid.

Did You Know ?

There are two (2) types of debtors?

1. The Intentional Debtor and,
2. The Unintentional Debtor.

There are very clear characteristics that set these debtors apart, let me explain.

1. The Intentional Debtor takes up approx 60% of our files. These debtors have a definite plan on how they intend to escape debt. We can identify them by being malicious, rude and have every excuse as to why they can’t pay the account. They love talking down to our team and they will promise the world!  An interesting fact is, a small percentage of this group are highly educated yet they are the worse offenders!!

2. The Unintentional Debtor
These debtors have had to jump some hurdles in their life as they like to share a story or two. Their main setbacks have been financial hardship, health issues, or marriage break ups just to name a few. They will stick to their payment arrangements to the last cent! Some of these debtors will call our office to advise they’re running late with their payments. We especially love the debtors that call us to say thank you for being ‘so understanding’ after the debt has been paid in full.

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There are plenty of highs and lows when collecting outstanding accounts. If you feel bad about asking for money from your customers? It would be best to pass it on to someone who loves collecting debts. After all, we are not all born to be debt collectors, are we? A third party creates faster results than you think.

Our female touch helps our clients getting paid faster.  It’s easy to become emotionally involved when collecting your own accounts. 

Our clients like having peace of mind knowing that we take care of everything from start to finish of their debt collection cases.

We keep it simple and you will wonder why you never used a debt collection agency before.

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