Are you Hoping Your Customers will just PAY you?

Are you Hoping your Customers will just PAY you?

It’s time to stop hoping your customers will just pay you. Why? Because they won’t. With over 30 years of experience in debt collection, we can say with certainty that no matter what type of business you operate. You are bound to experience slow-paying customers! We have proven strategies that work! Within 24 hours you can receive a positive reaction to getting PAID.

Did you know that …

80% of small businesses struggle with receiving payments past their due dates.

Approx. 64% of the small businesses surveyed reported having clients who didn’t pay invoices for at least 60 days.

Some customers won’t pay you until you chase them in hope that you may just disappear! Unless you have an abundance of money flowing in your bank account every day, sit back and relax.

For the majority of businesses who want outstanding accounts paid, we have different strategies available to suit your needs.

So where do you begin in collecting outstanding accounts?

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Hoping your customers will just pay you is not a great strategy for collecting overdue accounts. It’s about educating your customers and motivating them to pay you on time.

It is wise to give your customers the benefit of the doubt, most importantly provide them with a specific cut-off time.

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