Debt Collection Myths Debunked!!

Debt Collection Myths Debunked

Our Debt Collection Myths Debunked these 4 myths/facts will give you a clearer understanding of the Debt Collection process.

If you haven’t used a debt collection agency this information will help you make your decision easier. If you are using a debt collection agency (hopefully ours). You know you are comfortable working with us and trust us to always achieve the best results for you. The satisfaction of receiving Payment in Full is mind-blowing for us every single time.

Myth #1 – Debt Collectors will insult my clients and get nasty

Debt Collectors have laws to abide by and a reputation to upkeep.  An experienced debt collector will act professionally to avoid insulting your customers. Debt Collectors will create a win-win for both parties. Do your research before employing a debt collection agency. Download “How to Get Paid Faster –


Myth #2 – Debt Collectors are too expensive

Debt Collection agencies have a variety of services and packages available depending on your needs and the number of collections. We would recommend speaking to a collection agency that can assist with your needs. So that, you will achieve the highest results for your collection needs.

Myth #3 –  I’m better off writing the debt off

It would be a better business practice to collect your outstanding accounts, this helps your cash flow and will educate your customers and future customers. As a result, you will achieve Paid In Full. 

Myth #4 –  Debt Collector will do the same thing as I have done

Wrong!! Debt collectors have great negotiating skills and are not emotionally involved with the collection of debts. In addition, they are consistent! Therefore bringing you the best results after each collection.


The services of a debt collection agency allow you to focus on your business while someone else handles the debt collection process. Not everyone loves asking for money. However, our award-winning female team does and especially loves helping clients get results.

As we have discussed some of the myths and facts you are best to seek out a professional, trusted collection agency with over 20 years of experience and more importantly understands your needs.

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Happy Collecting!