Its Only A Matter Of Time … Debt Collection Works!

Debt Collection Specialists - Time is TICKING on collecting outstanding debts

There are times in a debt collection office that we do have a bit of a laugh amongst the verbal abuse we hear from time to time from irate debtors. As a team of woman debt collectors who have great intuition we use it well. So when we receive that call from an enthusiastic debtor wanting to pay their account, within 10 seconds we know why they want to pay so desperately!!

No we don’t have a crystal ball and know where your debtor has escaped to. Yes we can offer you 1000 reasons why they don’t want to pay you. However when that call is received in our office by that person who so desperately wants to pay their account. I have to admit it, we LOVE it.

Legal action has a great effect in getting accounts paid in full. Sometimes months or years down the track, the legal process does pay off. It sheds some light of greatness. It’s when the legal action process effects the debtors credit rating/worthiness. Alleluia … that’s when they want the account paid off now. Why? Because they have a little black mark next to their name and the bank require it to be cleared before they hand over the money.

That’s what happened today. Two years ago the debtor thought she escaped us, however today the account was PAID IN FULL.