Sydney Debt Collection Agency provides insights

Sydney Debt Collection Agency, Sonia Ferlauto Founder and CEO of ACS Debt Collection. Interviewed by Anthony from Ant’s Talk Podcast. The topic is Debt Collection, is it changing? There are many reasons why debt collection is getting worse. In this interview Sonia tell us how she got into the debt collection industry. A woman in a man’s world. As a result, she leads an awarding winning all-female debt collection agency. They work with many different personalities on a daily basis. Sonia loves what she does and in saying this she shares some of her funny stories. Her 30 plus years experience gives you many useful insights.  Above all, this information will keep you on your toes with your own accounts. Therefore, if you have overdue accounts and stuck on what to do next. These practical and proactive strategies will help you move forward in more ways than one. It’s important to know what to do and say when faced with a debt collector. In this interview, you will hear the warning signs on how to stay out of trouble. In conclusion, you will have a sense of relief. More importantly, you will know what to say and do when contacted by a debt collector. Remember Its a fine line in going into legal action. Your creditworthiness could be affected for nonpayment of an account. Click on the link to hear the interview and grab your takeaways today.